These are some of our most comonly asked questions. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. We are here to help.


Chiropractors are most commonly known for treating neck pain, back pain, arm and leg Pain, numbness, dizziness, carpal tunnel, acid reflux and slipped discs.

Most insurance companies cover chiropractic care and we are an in-network Provider for most major insurances. For more information on our fees and insurance please visit our Insurance/Cost page.

Absolutely not! Most of our patients inital care only takes a few visits. Once we get you back to a pain free life, its up to you if you want to have regular "tune ups" or just come in when you feel you need it.


We see people from every walk of life and at any age. We have successfully treated newborns that are a few hours old to individuals that are over 100.